Professional mentoring achieves optimum outcomes when the individual client is prepared to challenge established thinking and practice in order to address immediate challenges, enhance specific capacities, or to shape strategic directions. It is an iterative process based upon the establishment of a mutually respectful relationship, intended to stimulate lasting professional growth.

Rosa is uniquely placed to mentor educational leaders. She brings a wealth of experience drawn from her distinguished service as the Principal of one of Australia’s leading independent schools for 15 years; together with 10 years on the Council of The University of Melbourne (four years as Deputy Chancellor); and most recently as Adjunct Professor in the School of Education, La Trobe University. Her client base over the past 8 years includes Australian principals and educators as well as Board and Councils of National and International Schools and Not for Profit Organisations. In this period Rosa has also been serving as a senior educational consultant leading the establishment of a new school in Central America.

Re-framing challenges, crafting authentic responses alongside her clients she believes that often the richest stimulation lies outside our normal professional realm and body of knowledge and a result of this Rosa encourages her clients to reach beyond the orthodox and to seek unexpected solutions generated by looking beyond their immediate professional boundaries. Rosa brings a provocation to her conversations with leaders which helps them extend their capacity.

Rosa is engaged to work with Principals either through School Councils/Boards who recognise the enormous benefit of their Principal having an independent mentor or by the Principals themselves who seek Rosa out to challenge and extend their thinking.

Trust, confidentiality and mutual respect underpins all mentoring conversations.