The schedule has concluded but the learning continues


Final days of this extraordinary program – and like any experience where one is totally immersed learning takes place in so many places and in so many ways……….so for me it was as important to walk the streets, to observe the people, to smell the air, to taste the food and to listen to the sounds! It was as important to do this in the market place, in the cafes and out in the desert! It was important to see families on the beach, around the Shabbat table and vitally in their own communities…………….and so many communities there are, all with their own unique richness!

If one finds the means so many collaborations could take place – study in the desert University concentrating upon ecology, sustainability or residential living!

Study the wonderful landscaped boulevard of Tel Aviv where families and individuals recreate with fitness equipment available to all.

Collaborations involving youth projects, integration of new communities, leadership development or integration of play mates across cultures! Learning together about the need for new learning environments!

Study the road works multiplying quickly! Gain a greater understanding of the army processes in terms of developing youth responsibility. There is no end to the manner and number of ways countries can learn from one another!

Most importantly gain an understanding of other people, cultures and countries!

My program was put together by a person who obviously understood education! I am most grateful to Hezki for the time, consideration and commitment he made to ensuring I had the most amazing professional learning experience! This program combined with two exceptionally knowledgeable and most delightful host/companion/guides, Roly and Zel, made each day memorable. Warm friendships were formed and fun was had!

In a very tiny way, insignificant on the grand scale, but significant in so many ways, I feel I have achieved new insights which I can contribute to in a wide range of situations. I will share my learning with great willingness and with the obvious knowledge that “my lens” though small was a privileged view!

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