Finish the year positively………..

As 2014 seems to be quickly finishing I reflect on what has been an amazing year – new learning opportunities, new challenges and inevitably new frustrations which often accompany negotiating new environments, people and processes! I have witnessed people both young and old take on new ventures and have seem some navigate with optimism and determination and others allowing the enormity of tasks overcome them. Most of us spend more time being anxious about what did not work as well as we would have liked, rather than celebrating the achievements and “wins”……………so before we all dive head first into a new year take that time to stop! Ask yourself “what did go well?” – recently I did this very spontanteously thinking of my immediate family and was stunned to see how much, individually and collectively, we had achieved throughout the year….some huge professional achievements, some personal achievements but achievements they certainly were…and all of us rejoiced in the achievements of one another! Do this! Articulate what has been achieved! Celebrate! – and be grateful! Gratitude is a word which seems to be “on trend” at the moment and it should be! Spending time daily to be grateful triggers positive emotions which then help you approach the next challenge, situation or habit in a more appreciative manner….that must be a good thing!
Now prepare for 2015!
Sort through those issues which have been occupying your space…mental and maybe physical!
Clean out all those variables which will distract or disrupt you from moving into a new year!
Let go of any old grievances, resolutions which can not be achieved and move into the 2015 year with the mindspace to allow yourself to learn, to be inspired and to achieve more than your last year…….and if you do this……you will be the one to inspire and motivate those around you!
Be aware of what inspires you and seek to get more of it!
Sometimes we need guidance to do this!
I become inspired when I see others around me grow and learn……so I am looking forward to 2015 and sharing adventures with you!

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