Reflecting on your year of leadership

As the year has almost ended most of us will try to find the time to ask questions of ourselves……how have we travelled upon our leadership journey? We will agonise over the areas we feel we did not accomplish to the very best of our ability and we will rejoice in the perceived successes of projects and people. It is important to do this….but leave the agonising to a minimum…because it is usually in the process of re-analysing and re-living that we become emotionally exhausted. Instead frame your self-talk in simple ways:


What will I do differently next year?

What will I ask my staff to do differently?

From who have I learnt this year?

From who or what have I been inspired?

How has my world view changed and what does this mean for my professional role?

Have I celebrated,  acknowledged and thanked  the people who have been alongside of me – those caring, prompting, sharing and  doing!

What have I avoided doing?……and do I know why?

Until we ask and answer these questions we will find it difficult to relax, re-energise and re commit to another year!

So now  that  you have done all of the above…. go off and enjoy being  YOU………….and do this with the people who allow you to be YOU!

Bring on 2017 where new challenges, opportunities and possibilities are waiting!

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