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Are Learning Disabilities Lifelong?

Howard Eaton, Director of the Eaton Arrowsmith Schools spoke passionately about this subject in his recent address at UBC – he articulated the need for creating a different future for our young people who have been identified as having learning disabilities. As a member of the audience listening to this, as an educator and as a parent, I was convinced that the approaches schools have traditionally adopted in efforts to … Continue reading

A new President….for the University

With the recent appointment of UBC’s new President, Professor Arvind Gupta, I  and many others will be keen to observe the difference he may make to the University. From the indian state of Punjab to North America as a 5 year old in the late 1960’s, the now computing – science Professor is the incoming President having been at UBC since 2009. In a recent interview he speaks of “the … Continue reading

“The Cost of Coddling”

It was with great interest that I read these headlines “The cost of Codding” in  the weekend newspaper here in Canada…an article by Emeritus Professor  Geoff Smith about the price we are beginning to pay in Universities now that a generation of “over indulged” children are at the age of attending Universities. I was not surprised to read that in some Universities there is now the expectation that Professors need … Continue reading