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Reflecting on your year of leadership

As the year has almost ended most of us will try to find the time to ask questions of ourselves……how have we travelled upon our leadership journey? We will agonise over the areas we feel we did not accomplish to the very best of our ability and we will rejoice in the perceived successes of projects and people. It is important to do this….but leave the agonising to a minimum…because … Continue reading

On the need to educate beyond the local to gain intercultural awareness

In today’s world our media exposes individuals to people, lifestyles and events outside their local contexts and known cultural patterns. Because of this we all gain some understanding of what we think are global issues, cultural values and different ways of living. We begin to think of ourselves as global citizens particularly if we have the privilege of travelling, living and observing other customs. The truth is ,however, that such … Continue reading

Are Learning Disabilities Lifelong?

Howard Eaton, Director of the Eaton Arrowsmith Schools spoke passionately about this subject in his recent address at UBC – he articulated the need for creating a different future for our young people who have been identified as having learning disabilities. As a member of the audience listening to this, as an educator and as a parent, I was convinced that the approaches schools have traditionally adopted in efforts to … Continue reading