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The art of conversation

I listened with delight to these two young boys negotiating something which was obviously important…..and as I watched I wondered! Words were accompanied by facial grimaces, hands were flying and intonation varied! At what age do the young children learn to put forward their issues so directly, so convincingly and with such emotion? Confident individuals are to be applauded …..when accompanied by an ability to listen, to acknowledge the view … Continue reading

the mosaic of education

To attempt to pull together thoughts about Israel education is akin to looking at a mosaic where some pieces shine brightly and other pieces are in need of  shining! Schools ranging from ultra orthodox religious schools, to community kibbutz schools to well resourced private schools.  Programs for gifted and programs for those with learning challenges, programs for minority groups and programs for specialist interests. Diversity abounds which is great but … Continue reading

Fly me to the moon!

Just when I felt I could not be more impressed with the young hipsters, entrepreneurs, “start up” companies and philanthropic funds being poured into development projects, I get “flown to the moon.” Meet the SPACE IL Team!! 2 years ago three young Israeli engineers (all under 25), having a drink together, decided to enter the international competition sponsored by Google – the Lunar X-Prize. ( In their excitement they sketch … Continue reading