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Finish the year positively………..

As 2014 seems to be quickly finishing I reflect on what has been an amazing year – new learning opportunities, new challenges and inevitably new frustrations which often accompany negotiating new environments, people and processes! I have witnessed people both young and old take on new ventures and have seem some navigate with optimism and determination and others allowing the enormity of tasks overcome them. Most of us spend more … Continue reading

with thanks for community……………

It is six months since we arrived in Canada and specifically the city of Vancouver – as we prepare to return home for the Australian winter and thus miss the Canadian “summer” – (yes we should be staying to enjoy the sunshine after the cold and wet winter) I can’t help but feel a huge sense of appreciation at the “community” I have been fortunate enough to be a part … Continue reading

Thriving learning communities

Yesterday I was very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to a group of professional educators here in Vancouver who were keen to learn more about further enhancing their already stimulating and successful school into a thriving learning community. How was their school unique and what did  they  need to do to become not only the “best” school in their particular field of expertise but  the “best” school in … Continue reading