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Reflecting on your year of leadership

As the year has almost ended most of us will try to find the time to ask questions of ourselves……how have we travelled upon our leadership journey? We will agonise over the areas we feel we did not accomplish to the very best of our ability and we will rejoice in the perceived successes of projects and people. It is important to do this….but leave the agonising to a minimum…because … Continue reading

Preparing to journey

Most of us are well aware that as individuals we are shaped by the events in our life, the people we meet, the experiences we have and the community we engage with. We know that the sum of such interacting situations form an essential part of our developmental path, helping to shape us into what we are in the process of becoming! What many of us don’t recognise as readily … Continue reading

Why engage a Mentor?

I feel as if I have been a Mentor for the duration of my professional life – an educator who loves to see others flourish! While a School Principal I did this daily – sometimes formally but more often than not informally. Mentoring young members of staff, mentoring those staff at transitional points in their career, mentoring those changing professions and mentoring those who have sought me out! People all … Continue reading