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Finding a place within the school

A school can be thought of in many ways. For some it is an educational institution; for others it is a workplace. For students it is the place they are required to attend for a formal education over which they have little or no say, with both the content and process largely prescribed by remote authorities and government agencies. Even for those who have had no direct association with it, … Continue reading

Communication and Culture across the seas

Having just completed another work engagement abroad I have once again been reminded of the complexities which underpin cross cultural communication. It is indeed a privilege to work with others from different countries, to experience different ways of seeing, thinking and doing and it is even more a privilege to do this in a host country as distinct from a group of people from different countries working together in your … Continue reading

Learning from the Millennials

Yesterday I received an email from one of my former students – she was about to attend her 10 year reunion and was reflecting on those people who had influenced her in some way. She provided me with an insight into  some of her journey since leaving school – YouTube clips, links to her own business venture, details of her Young Entrepreneur Award and much more! I was in awe … Continue reading