Preparing to journey

Most of us are well aware that as individuals we are shaped by the events in our life, the people we meet, the experiences we have and the community we engage with. We know that the sum of such interacting situations form an essential part of our developmental path, helping to shape us into what we are in the process of becoming!
What many of us don’t recognise as readily is the personal power we have to transform ourselves more consciously! If we are open to adventure, open to challenges and to be challenged, open to listening, open to immersing ourselves in the moment or committing ourselves to a strange and unknown journey then we are more likely to develop new capacities and to gain fundamental mind shifts which can transform our existence. It sounds difficult as so many prefer to live a life which is fundamentally dictated by societal expectations, by what appears to be right or normal or safe but instead such an existence diminishes one’s capacity to live an authentic life.
As an educator is it not our responsibility to help those with whom we come into contact to not be “shaped” by those around them, but rather to “feel”, “hear” “listen” and “respond” in a way that opens themselves up to new possibilities and to new ways of thinking and doing!
When this fundamental mind shift occurs we begin to embrace our future in ways which we may not have thought possible – we become excited about uncertainty and the unpredictability of the journey is what motivates and inspires!

I write this as I am about to continue my learning adventures in what I hope will be new and exciting ways..different country, different people, different experiences……if I return the same person after my journey than I was before the journey…then why have I travelled………….or have I travelled at all?

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