A Place to Be

I am looking from my window directly across at a poorly maintained three- storey school building offering little charm to the local streetscape or passerby. Alongside it, taking up the rest of the block in this attractive, historic town on the Adriatic coast, sits a centuries old catholic church, confident in its historic place and its continuing role in contemporary life. The physical juxtaposition of these two buildings represents one … Continue reading

Rethinking the School Campus

Apart from the occasional new building or major refurbishment project, most school campuses remain largely unchanged over long periods of time. In this sense, the school campus with its mix and arrangement of facilities is the one relatively stable element in the otherwise frenetic mix of variables which make up an active school community. However, the school campus and the buildings within it are not a neutral environment. The campus … Continue reading

To lead tenderly!

So much has been written by people far most expert than me in how one should be leading their organisation in this time of great uncertainty and collective trauma. I have read widely in my bid to learn more so I can both improve my personal leadership capacity and assist my clients with whom I am regularly conversing. Much of what is being said is familiar – lead your organisation … Continue reading