Lessons from a “Bombshell”

I recall walking in the streets of Collingwood and coming across a striking piece of graffiti art of a beautiful woman who was clearly from another era and seemed familiar. Enquiring among friends confirmed the woman was Hedy Lamarr, a famed Hollywood golden era movie star. Not long after, filling in hours on a long flight, I found the movie menu offered a documentary about the same Hedy Lamarr, curiously … Continue reading

Reticence to lead? You may be exactly what is needed!

We live in a time when “leadership” is said to be in very short supply across all sectors of our community and more widely across the world. The familiar lament about the lack of “leadership” in our Federal Parliament is now matched by our shock at the seeming absence of effective leadership in our key banking and financial sectors. Globally, we despair at the deteriorating state of the critically important … Continue reading

Finding a place within the school

A school can be thought of in many ways. For some it is an educational institution; for others it is a workplace. For students it is the place they are required to attend for a formal education over which they have little or no say, with both the content and process largely prescribed by remote authorities and government agencies. Even for those who have had no direct association with it, … Continue reading